Anti-Mold-System dimethlyfumarate-free

Mold infestation on leather goods imported into Europe has so far been prevented by so-called “micropads” enclosed with the packaging. The use of the active ingredient of these micropads, dimethlyfumarate, was banned by the EU Commission as of 01.05.2009 without transitional periods and with recall obligations due to its allergenic side effects.

We have developed a dimethlyfumarate-free system that prevents mold growth from the very beginning. It is characterized by the fact that it is applied directly to the leather article in a carrier by spray application. The actual dosage of the active ingredient is so low that its concentration is even permitted by the cosmetics regulations.

Coro – Anti-Mold AS offers not only excellent protection against mold but also the additional advantage of dirt-repellent hydro- and oleophobicity. Thus, in a single application, the leather is protected against both mold, wetness and dirt infestation.

The following pictures show antibiotic leaf tests with 2 molds found on an infested leather shoe and the effect of Coro Anti-Mold AS in comparison:

Antischimmelmittel ohne Dimethylfumarat

The left image shows on the left the antibiotic leaf test without active ingredient with the germ “Penicillium pinophilum”, which has completely overgrown the Petri dish (no inhibition zone), on the right with active ingredient and the same germ with a clear inhibition zone, i.e. here no mold growth is allowed in the first place. The right picture shows corresponding differences, but with the germ “Chaetomium globosum”.

The advantages of Coro – Anti-Mold AS once again summarized:

  • Excellent mold protection without the use of dimethlyfumarate.
  • Embedded in existing finish systems, thus application in one step possible
  • Suitable for all types of leather

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