Unsere Pflegeprodukte

We offer creams, shoe deodorant and above all our impregnation spray with the customer’s own packaging even from small series. This gives the end user the reassuring certainty that the care of his high-quality shoes or bags is optimally matched to the finish applied at the factory (premium leather care). Of course we can also offer our creams and sprays in our own packaging. We distribute these products through our subsidiary Coro Products UG.

Indidviduell verpackte Lederpflegeprodukte


Proven in industrial shoe production, many customers already use our cream to distribute their own private label together with their shoes (shoe care). We offer the cream in individual packaging, for example as a tube with sponge applicator in a folding box, in jars with lids or also new in a 2.5 kg bucket with dosing dispenser. This form of packaging finds buyers wherever large quantities of shoes have to be cleaned frequently, e.g. in authorities, companies or even larger sports clubs.

Highly effective impregnation spray for leather and textiles. The spray can contains no propellant gases and can therefore also be used overhead.

Coro Shoe Fresh prevents unpleasant odors in shoes, which cannot always be avoided at high temperatures. The following applies to all our products: They can be sold as customer goods, even in small quantities, or under our own brand.


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