We have care and cleaning products for various leather goods. The leather goods listed below are just examples of a wide range of products.


WAX FINISH as a final treatment to give some glare.
Depending on the pre-treatment (finishing) of the leather and the desired effect, our water-based wax finishes are optimally adapted to your needs. We are constantly developing new formulations to meet the constantly changing leather surfaces and wishes of our customers. The leather can be polished after application to increase its glare. It is not necessary though (self-shine).

CREAMS IN PASTEUSER FORM for manual processing
We have 4 basic creams in our program. What they all have in common is that they are all VOC-free and are available in almost any desired tone, even in small volumes. The degree of gloss can be controlled by the intensity of the polishing.

FAT FINISH FOR FAT LEATHERS which, in addition to a beautiful fat handle, prevent the blooming of whitish fat components used in the finishing process.
Fat finishes (fat sprays) are primarily used to maintain the pleasant feel of so-called fatty leathers. In addition, our fat finishes FA and FD very effectively prevent the blooming of whitish fat components in these leathers. These efflorescences often occur months after production and can lead to major damage from angry consumers.

SPRAY GUN CREAMS (spray emulsions)
Matched to our hand creams, brilliant, beautiful gloss effects can be achieved by polishing with the spray creams. The degree of gloss can be controlled by the intensity of the polishing.

HYDROPHOBIZATIONS to protect against water, dirt, oils and greases
Our hydrophobic coatings protect smooth and suede leathers from water / moisture, dirt, oil and grease. With suede leathers they give an additional grip effect and protect the leather from colour changes.

EDGE COLOURS to match the colour of the edgesWe always match the edge colors individually to the leather. We offer edge colors for hand application as well as for machine application (for example for belt production). Besides the excellent adhesion and elasticity, this color forms the desired “bead effect”.oduction. In addition to its excellent adhesion and elasticity, this paint forms the desired “bead effect”.

Repair colours precisely matched to the leather colour to compensate for minor unevenness and damage to the leather surface.  This can reduce scrap rates during production.

We offer creams, shoe deodorant and above all our impregnation spray with the customer’s own packaging, even from small series (details see here).

CLEANSER for the pretreatment of leather but also for the removal of PU residues from the soling of polyurethane soles.

BALANCING COLOURS for colour matching of different shoe components such as soles, leather, rubber cuffs, etc.
Aqueous compensating paints for use, for example, in the production of fire brigades, motorcycle boots, work shoes. Different gloss or colour degrees of shoe / boot components (leather, soles, rubber cuffs, etc.) can thus be optically matched.

GLARE FILLER for highly absorbent leather
Gloss-giving finish that compensates for highly absorbent leather and provides the desired gloss effect with the same working step. The combination of filler and gloss finish usually saves one production step. FRH is additionally equipped with an impregnating effect.

SOLE PAINTS and hardener as water-based 2-component systems
Aqueous 2-component paints for dyeing sole edges.

SMELL PREVENTION AGENTS support the membrane effects and thus prevent unpleasant smells in the shoe even under extreme operating conditions.
Coro Guard SD1 serves the prophylactic finishing of inner shoes by preventing the unpleasant formation of smells in shoes and thus effectively reinforces the “climate membrane effect”. Preloaded shoes that are to be sold after a trade fair presentation, for example, can be made “presentable” in short period of time with Coro Refresher DA.

SILICONAL SPRAYS suppress whitish efflorescence in polyurethane components.
Residues from the vulcanisation of rubber can in individual cases form whitish grey streaks on shoe components, e.g. on rubber cuffs of leisure and work shoes. Our SIW eliminates these undesirable effects or prevents their occurrence.

Release agent is optimised for use with our CWT cleaner and AF compensating paint, which is used in the production of PU soles.

New, solvent-free assembly adhesive for bonding shoe components.

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