When I founded Corium in 2007, my colleagues and I thought about how we could stand out as a new supplier in an established market on the one hand, and how we could use new, modern processes as environmentally friendly and hygienic as possible on the other. I benefited from many years of experience in the chemical industry, and since my sons, who were still minors at the time, also raised their pocket money by helping out at Corium during the vacations, the handling of raw materials should naturally be as gentle as possible for them and all other employees.

Nachhaltigkeit bei Corium ServiceFrom this objective, we succeeded in developing modern products, some of them very elaborate, that do without organic solvents as far as possible and still convince our customers in the final application, whether in finishing, dyeing or care of leather products. From many positive feedbacks from the production plants we were confirmed that our products are optimally adapted in handling and in the result to the today’s expectations of working people. The constantly changing legal requirements regarding environment and safety are in most cases already fulfilled by us before they come into force.




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