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We combine leather processing with innovative solutions

About Us

Geschäftsführer Eduard Blesius“We want to offer the most innovative and best products so that our customers can bring top products to the market.” – Corium CEO Eduard Blesius

Corium sees itself as the specialist for chemical-technical aids for products for the leather processing industry. From the very beginning, the main focus was on products that were water-based, i.e. free of solvents. While our customers were initially almost exclusively shoe manufacturers, we have also used our knowledge and experience to serve other leather processing industries, such as bag, belt and clothing manufacturers.

A logical consequence of our work with the shoe manufacturers was the offer to also offer our products for the shoe manufacturers’ own brands as care products in small containers. For example, we were able to successfully offer some of our creams in practical tubes and have also launched an environmentally friendly, propellant-free packaging for sprays (e.g. our impregnations).