Deodorant for sports and casual shoes

Shoes for the leisure and sports sector are manufactured in various material combinations of leather, textiles, plastics, rubber, etc. While good moisture absorption with membranes is now standard, one problem has so far been largely unsatisfactorily solved: the unpleasant formation of odors, especially in sports shoes, but also in fashionably trendy summer shoes. Some time ago, it was discovered that silver ions are excellently suited not merely to mask odors, but to neutralize them effectively.

In cooperation with a renowned manufacturer of special products for the textile sector, we have developed a spray for use in shoes that can be applied to both leather and textiles. It can be applied to the inner shoe during shoe production using spray guns and provides excellent odor neutralization. The silver ions embedded in the spray optimally neutralize odors. And since triclosan, which is classified as a contact allergen, has been omitted, Coro-Guard SD1 does not promote allergies. The diagram below shows how Coro-Guard SD1 works:

Geruch im Schuhe vertreiben

The product is available in canisters for use in shoe production as well as in small containers and is therefore also suitable for the after-care sector. Fields of application are e.g. leisure shoes, sports shoes, dance shoes, ski, hiking and motorcycle boots, authority and safety shoes and many more.

The advantages of Coro – Guard SD1 once again summarized:

  • Excellent odor neutralization through highly effective silver ions
  • Free of allergy-promoting substances such as triclosan
  • Can be applied with spray guns
  • Also available for the after care market
  • Suitable for all types of leather and textiles

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